Visible Dates in UWP Calendar (SfCalendar)

10 May 20212 minutes to read

SfCalendar provides support for making dates inactive within a range (or) selective dates. It can be achieved by the properties VisibleMinDate, VisibleMaxDate and VisibleDates.

Setting Minimum Visible Date

VisibleMinDate property is used to specify the minimum date in range.

<input:SfCalendar x:Name="calendar" VisibleMinDate="12/10/2015"/>
calendar.VisibleMinDate = new DateTime(2015, 12, 10);
calendar.VisibleMinDate = New Date(2015, 12, 10)


Setting Maximum Visible Date

VisibleMaxDate property is used to specify the maximum date in range

<input:SfCalendar x:Name="calendar" VisibleMaxDate="12/15/2015"/>
calendar.VisibleMaxDate = new DateTime(2015, 12, 15);
calendar.VisibleMaxDate = New Date(2015, 12, 15)


Setting Visible Dates

VisibleDates property is used to specify the active dates when they are not continuous and cannot be specified with a start and end date.

<input:SfCalendar x:Name="calendar"/>
calendar.VisibleDates.Add(new DateTime(2015, 12, 1));

calendar.VisibleDates.Add(new DateTime(2015, 12, 12));

calendar.VisibleDates.Add(new DateTime(2015, 12, 25));

calendar.VisibleDates.Add(new DateTime(2015, 12, 30));
calendar.VisibleDates.Add(New Date(2015, 12, 1))

calendar.VisibleDates.Add(New Date(2015, 12, 12))

calendar.VisibleDates.Add(New Date(2015, 12, 25))

calendar.VisibleDates.Add(New Date(2015, 12, 30))