The Syncfusion User Management Server lets you manage the applications and its access efficiently with the support of SSO (Single Sign-On). Check the below list of key features in the Syncfusion User Management Server.

Key features

Application management — Applications are efficiently organized under Application Management. Permission to access the applications for users and groups are managed here.

SSO — The User Management Server facilitates you the single sign on and single sign out (optional) with the registered applications.

User management — Users can be easily organized into groups to accurately map the structure of the small and large organizations.

Access management — The User Management Server facilitates you to grant/revoke access to applications for users and groups. You can allow an user to be the administrator for a particular application.

Custom branding — The User Management server has built-in customization capabilities such as allowing you to add your organization’s name, logo, welcome note, localization

API — The user Management Server provides REST API to manage the users, groups and applications.

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