Overview of Mobile js

29 Mar 20231 minute to read

Syncfusion Essential JavaScript Studio for Mobile is emerged as a powerful combination of both HTML and jQuery based widget package that provides several number of widgets very similar to the jQuery plug-in style, so that the same jQuery-like syntax can be followed in every actions.

Overall 30+ mobile widgets are available within the JavaScript suite that are categorized as follows.

Property Table

Categories Components
Grid Grid
Data Visualization Chart Barcode RangeNavigator
Map TreeMap RadialGauge
LinearGauge DigitalGauge BulletGraph
Editors AutoComplete NumericTextbox PasswordTextbox
Button DatePicker TextArea
TimePicker Rating MaskEdit
Slider Checkbox GroupButton
Radiobutton Textbox ToggleButton
Navigation Accordion Menu
NavigationDrawer Rotator
Tab RadialMenu ScrollPanel
ToolBar Header Footer
Notification ProgressBar
Layout Dialog SplitPane ListView TileView

All mobile UI widgets supports the following listed major key features that are more essential in building mobile application in recent days.

Built-in themes AngularJS
KnockoutJS Localization
Accessibility TypeScript
Obtrusive RequireJS
<a href=https://help.syncfusion.com/js/datamanager/data-binding>Data-binding</a>