API Configuration

17 May 2016 / 2 minutes to read

It is possible to get and set the various properties available within the controls after its creation.

Getting API values

The API values can be accessed/retrieved by using either of the following ways.

  • javascript
  • 1. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>("model.propertyName");
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker("model.dateFormat");
    2. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>("option", "propertyName");
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker("option", "dateFormat");

    Setting values to the API

    It is possible to set new values to the properties of the Syncfusion widgets during or after the control initialization as described.

    During Initialization

  • javascript
  • 1. <<HtmlTag> data-role="<ejm-plug-in-name>" data-ej-"<propertyName>"= "<value>"/> **[Recommended method]**
    Example:  <input id="myDate" data-role="ejmdatepicker" data-ej-value="01/01/2000" />
    2. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>({ propertyName1 : value1, propertyName2: value2,  });
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker({ value: "01/01/2015", dateFormat: "MM/dd/yyyy" });

    After initialization

  • javascript
  • 1. var obj = $("jquery-selector").data("<ejm-plugin-name>");  **[Recommended method]**
    obj.option({ propertyName: value });
    Example:  var dateObject = $("#myDate").data("ejmDatePicker");
             dateObject.option({ dateFormat: "dd/MM/yyyy" });
    2. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>("model.propertyName", "value");
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker("model.dateFormat", "dd/MM/yyyy" );
    3. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>("option", "propertyName", "value");
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker("option", "dateFormat", "dd/MM/yyyy");