API Configuration

17 May 20162 minutes to read

It is possible to get and set the various properties available within the controls after its creation.

Getting API values

The API values can be accessed/retrieved by using either of the following ways.

  • 1. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>("model.propertyName");
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker("model.dateFormat");
    2. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>("option", "propertyName");
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker("option", "dateFormat");

    Setting values to the API

    It is possible to set new values to the properties of the Syncfusion widgets during or after the control initialization as described.

    During Initialization

  • 1. <<HtmlTag> data-role="<ejm-plug-in-name>" data-ej-"<propertyName>"= "<value>"/> **[Recommended method]**
    Example:  <input id="myDate" data-role="ejmdatepicker" data-ej-value="01/01/2000" />
    2. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>({ propertyName1 : value1, propertyName2: value2,  });
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker({ value: "01/01/2015", dateFormat: "MM/dd/yyyy" });

    After initialization

  • 1. var obj = $("jquery-selector").data("<ejm-plugin-name>");  **[Recommended method]**
    obj.option({ propertyName: value });
    Example:  var dateObject = $("#myDate").data("ejmDatePicker");
             dateObject.option({ dateFormat: "dd/MM/yyyy" });
    2. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>("model.propertyName", "value");
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker("model.dateFormat", "dd/MM/yyyy" );
    3. $("jquery-selector").<ejm-plugin-name>("option", "propertyName", "value");
    Example:  $("#myDate").ejmDatePicker("option", "dateFormat", "dd/MM/yyyy");