Migrating from Xamarin SfAvatarView to .NET MAUI SfAvatarView

14 Dec 20221 minute to read

To migrate easier from Xamarin SfAvatarView to .NET MAUI SfAvatarView, we kept most of the APIs from Xamarin SfAvatarView in MAUI SfAvatarView. However, to maintain the consistency of API naming in MAUI SfAvatarView, we renamed some of the APIs. The APIs that have been changed in MAUI SfAvatarView from Xamarin SfAvatarView are detailed as follows.


Xamarin SfAvatarView .NET MAUI SfAvatarView
Syncfusion.XForms.AvatarView Syncfusion.Maui.Core


Xamarin SfAvatarView .NET MAUI SfAvatarView Description
BorderColor Stroke Gets or sets the stroke of the Avatar View
BorderWidth StrokeThickness Gets or sets the thickness of the Avatar View stroke