Recurrence Editor

11 Aug 20172 minutes to read

The Recurrence Editor includes the entire recurrence related information in a separate portable manner which can be either utilized as a separate widget or else can be embed within the appointment window of Scheduler to enable recurrence options within it. The recurrence rule can be easily generated based on the frequency selected. The customizations such as changing the labels of the recurrence editor is also possible to achieve through its properties. The frequencies available are Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Every weekday.

Getting Started

Follow the steps as mentioned in the Getting Started page of the Introduction part to create an MVC application with required assembly references, scripts and stylesheets to render the Recurrence Editor.

Add the basic Recurrence Editor code in the View page as shown below,

  • @(Html.EJ().RecurrenceEditor("RecurrenceEditor")

    Generating Recurrence Rule

    The Recurrence Editor can be used to generate the recurrence rule as a string, based on the repeat options selected.

    The following code example depicts the way to generate the recurrence rule.

  • @(Html.EJ().RecurrenceEditor("RecurrenceEditor")

    Define a button separately and add it to the page as shown below and while clicking on it, make use of the client-side public method getRecurrenceRule of the Recurrence Editor to generate the recurrence rule string explicitly.

  • HTML
  • <button onclick="closeRecurrence()" id="donerecur1" class='recurbutton' style="float:right;margin-right:20px;margin-bottom:10px;">Recurrence String</button>
  • JS
  • $(function () {         
             $("#donerecur1").ejButton({ width: '155px', height: '35px', showRoundedCorner: true });
         function closeRecurrence() {
             var obj = $(".e-recurrenceeditor").data("ejRecurrenceEditor");
             alert(obj.getRecurrenceRule()) ; // recurrence rule generated as per the options selected in the recurrence editor will be displayed here
         function onCreate() {
             this.element.find("#recurrencetype_wrapper").css("width", "33%");