21 Jun 20161 minute to read

The EJMVC Scheduler is an event calendar that manages the list of various activities (events/appointments) in different available views (day, week, workweek, month and agenda) for various resources. It is mainly for tracking the user appointments and allows them to create a new or edit/delete the older ones. It is simply a server-side wrapper of JS Scheduler component and almost all the features in JS Scheduler are applicable to Scheduler in MVC platform.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Scheduler are as follows,

  • DataSource - Supports various client-side and remote data sources such as JSON, RESTful services, OData services, WCF services and much more.
  • Views - 6 types of views are available namely Day, Week, WorkWeek, Month, Agenda and Custom View (user-specific date rendering).
  • Adaptive - Scheduler UI layout adapts automatically according to the desktop/mobile mode (responsive support).
  • Resize & Drag - Appointments can be resized and dragged anywhere within the Scheduler. External drag and drop of appointments are also applicable now.
  • Multiple Resources & Grouping - Allows the Scheduler to categorize and display resources in a hierarchical structure either in a horizontal or vertical manner.
  • Orientation - Two types of control orientation is supported namely – Vertical and Horizontal (Timeline View).
  • Categories - 6 default types of Appointment categories along with user customization options are available to differentiate the appointment status.
  • Template - Template customization provided for appointments, resource header, cells, date header, priority, tooltip, time scale and agenda view.
  • TimeZone & DST - Supports observation of Daylight Saving Time in Scheduler for whichever time zone it is applicable.
  • Export & Print - Supports exporting of single/all appointment(s) to an ICS file and also Prints all/specific appointment(s).
  • PDF Export - Supports exporting of entire Scheduler into PDF format.
  • Appointment window Customization – Entire appointment window can be customized with the user required fields.
  • Recurrence Editor - Complete recurrence related options of Scheduler are collectively defined as a separate plug-in, which can be utilized directly within the customized appointment window.