27 May 20161 minute to read

State persistence allows the Scheduler to retain the current model value in the browser cookies for state maintenance. This action is handled through the property EnablePersistence which is set to false by default.

When it is set to true, some of the Schedule control model values will be retained even after refreshing the page which are listed below.

CurrentView TimeMode
FirstDayOfWeek DateFormat
IsDST TimeZone
TimeScale StartHour
EndHour WorkHours
Height Width
CellHeight CellWidth
CurrentDate MinDate
MaxDate RenderDates
Orientation Views
WorkWeek AgendaViewSettings.DaysInAgenda
EnableLoadOnDemand ShowLocationField
ShowAllDayRow IsResponsive
EnableRecurrenceValidation ShowOverflowButton
AllowDragAndDrop ShowDeleteConfirmationDialog
ShowNextPrevMonth AppointmentDragArea

The Schedule properties that are not retained while maintaining state persistence are included within the ignoreOnPersist list, which makes it not to persist by default.