17 Nov 20171 minute to read

The CircularGauge control visualizes the numerical values of scales in a circular manner.  It is also a feature-rich control that provides extensive appearance customization options with support for the animation of a pointer element. The CircularGauge control comprises the following basic elements:

  • Scales
  • Pointers
  • Ticks
  • Labels
  • Ranges
  • Indicators

Circular Gauge Control Structure

The gauge display can also be customized either as a full circle or a half circle based on individual requirements. Among other helpful features, the CircularGauge control also includes advanced user interactivity.

Key Features

  • Sub-Gauge: Supports for rendering of multiple sub-gauges within the main Circular Gauge.
  • User Interaction: Allows you to directly interact with the pointers of the gauge.
  • Indicators: Supports for the indicator feature that shows the active or inactive state of the gauge.
  • Ranges: Supports for highlighting the range of values in the gauge scale.
  • Pointers: Supports for adding multiple pointers to the gauge.
  • Frame types: Supports two types of gauge displays, full circle and half circle.
  • Animation: Supports the animation of a pointer.
  • CustomLabel: Supports the addition of custom label text in the required location of the gauge.