24 May 20191 minute to read

Series point customization

By using the fill and border properties of chart series, you can customize the pivot chart series color, border color, and border width.

  • HTML
  • <html xmlns="">
        <ej:PivotChart ID="MyPivotChart1" runat="server" Url="/RelationalChartService.svc" ClientIDMode="Static">
            <ClientSideEvents Load="loadTheme" SeriesRendering="onSeriesRenders" />
              <Size Width="100%" Height="460px"></Size>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            function onSeriesRenders(args) {
                this.model.series[0].points[0].fill = "aqua";
                this.model.series[0].points[0].border = {
                    color: "black",
                    width: 2

    Series customization in ASP NET pivot chart control