WPF Percent TextBox Overview

16 Oct 20231 minute to read

The PercentTextBox control restricts text box input to only double values and displays the percentage of the given value with support for data binding, Watermark, Null Value, and culture support. It provides many customization options to enhance the appearance and to suit the applications.

Control structure

WPF PercentTextBox Control Structure

WPF PercentTextBox with Watermark Text


The core features of the PercentTextBox are as follows:

  • Provides the ability to control the range of the input values by using the MinValue and MaxValue properties.
  • Provides different foreground brushes for positive, negative, and zero values.
  • Provides data binding support.
  • Provides built-in Visual Styles and themes.
  • Provides Watermark support.
  • Provides Number Format support.
  • Provides Null Value support.
  • Provides culture support.