UIAutomation in WPF Multi Column Dropdown (SfMultiColumnDropDown)

25 Jul 20221 minute to read

SfMultiColumnDropDownControl supports the following UIAutomations,

Coded UI

SfMultiColumnDropDownControl supports CodedUITest automation that enables you to create an automation test with SfMultiColumnDropDownControl elements and record the sequence of actions.

There are three level of support in CodedUITest for SfMultiColumnDropDownControl.

Levels Description
Level – 1 Record and Detecting the UI Elements when you do the actions in the control.
Level – 2 Provide custom properties for UI elements when you drag the Cross hair to any UI element.
Level – 3 Coded UI Test Builder generates code from recorded session and custom class is implemented to access custom properties, so the generated code is simplified.

The following screenshot illustrates the SfMultiColumnDropDownControl properties, when you drag the crosshair to the SfMultiColumnDropDown control.

WPF Multi Column Dropdown Coded UI

Following are the properties for SfMultiColumnDropDownControl.

Property Table

UI Element Properties
SfMultiColumnDropDownControl * AllowAutoComplete* AllowNullInput* AllowImmediatePopup* AllowIncrementalFiltering* AllowCaseSensitiveFiltering* AllowSpinOnMouseWheel* DisplayMember* IsDropDownOpen* SelectedIndex* ValueMember

Quick Test Professional

SfMultiColumnDropDownControl supports for QTP test. You can record the actions performed in the control, by mentioning the corresponding method name with Syncfusion namespace. To know more about QTP test refer to the link.

The following screenshot illustrates the QTP Test for SfMultiColumnDropDownControl.

WPF Multi Column Dropdown Quick Test Professional

Following are methods for SfMultiColumnDropDownControl.

Methods Table

Method Description Parameters Return Type
void SetSelectedIndex(int index); To set the SelectedIndex from the Popup Int index void
void ShowPopup(); To open the Popup NA void
void HidePopup(); To close the Popup NA void