WPF TreeViewAdv (Classic) Overview

4 May 20211 minute to read

TreeViewAdv control displays hierarchical data in a tree structure, and has items that can be expanded and collapsed. TreeViewAdv includes all essential features as well as certain advanced features that make the control unique and extra-ordinary. Properties of the TreeViewAdv control enable users to achieve desired layouts and outputs by using both XAML and C# code with ease.


  • Provides support to add any number of items to the control.
  • Developed using UI Virtualization; enabling enhanced performance.
  • Data binding support.
  • Select multiple items using the CTRL+ SHIFT keys.
  • Multiple item drag-and-drops within the control and to other TreeViewAdv controls.
  • Built-in animations for Expand and Collapse operations with adjustable animation delay.
  • Fake Drag Indicator to simulate where items may be placed during drag-and-drop operations.
  • Show or Hide root lines and change the brush applied to the lines.
  • Edit items at runtime as a folder using the F2 key or mouse.
  • Customize the complete look and feel of the control.
  • Custom template support.
  • Sort TreeViewAdv items at run time.
  • Add images to TreeViewItemAdv to identify expanded or collapsed states.
  • Add images as left and right image sources to the TreeViewItemAdv.