Built-in Types of WinUI Shimmer Control (SfShimmer)

15 Dec 20231 minute to read

The WinUI Shimmer control offers a range of built-in shimmer types, each designed to serve specific user interface needs. These built-in types provide convenient options for creating captivating loading animations in your WinUI applications. The following built-in shimmer types such as CirclePersona, SquarePersona, Profile, Article, Video, Feed, and Shopping is available in Shimmer control.

WinUI Shimmmer control with DefaultView

By default, the WinUI Shimmer control initializes with the CirclePersona type. You can easily switch between these built-in types by setting the Type property of the SfShimmer control.

<syncfusion:SfShimmer x:Name="Shimmer"
SfShimmer Shimmer = new SfShimmer();
Shimmer.Type = ShimmerType.CirclePersona;
this.Content = Shimmer;