Memory in UWP Calculator (SfCalculator)

10 May 20211 minute to read

Memory property in the SfCalculator control is used to retrieve the value stored in memory. The following buttons are available in SfCalculator control that are needed for memory operations. Memory property is a read-only decimal property.

Storing Value to Memory

  • Performs memory storage.
  • Clicking the button, stores the current value in memory.
  • The value can be retrieved whenever required.

Retrieving Value from Memory

  • Performs memory restore.
  • Clicking the button, retrieves the value from memory for further usage.
  • Retrieved value is displayed in display pane.

Increment Memory Value

Clicking the button, increments the stored value by the incremental value (i.e., current value).
The incremented value is then stored in memory.

Decrement Memory Value

Clicking the button, decrements the stored value from decrement value (i.e., current value).
The decremented value is then stored in memory.

Clear Memory Value

Performs memory clear.
Clicking the button, clears the value stored in the memory and reset it to 0.