The Syncfusion Report Server is a complete solution for enterprise reporting. It shuns proprietary reporting standards and is built on the open Report Definition Language (RDL) specification used by products such as the SQL Server. Reporting Server comes with a designer and a rich deployment environment that provides support for a variety of platforms, out of the box.

Key features

Report management — Reports are efficiently organized under the categories. Permission to view the reports can be given to specific users or groups.

Designer integration — Seamlessly design and publish reports from within the Syncfusion Report Designer application.

Versioning — All items stored in the Report Server are versioned, so it is possible to revert to an older version.

User management — Users can be easily organized into groups to accurately map the structure of the small and large organizations.

Scheduling — Reports can be generated and emailed according to a schedule. The scheduling functionality is very flexible.

Flexible permissions — A flexible permission scheme controls the access to read, write, and delete reports.

View reports — The built-in HTML 5 RDL Report Viewer control lets the user to view reports from within the browser.

Embedded reports — Reports hosted on the Report Server can easily be embedded in an application by using the HTML 5 Report Viewer control.

Export — The RDL reports can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, and HTML file formats.

Custom branding — The Report Server has built-in customization capabilities such as allowing you to add your organization’s name, logo, welcome note, etc.

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