Essential Studio for Flutter Release Notes

March 23, 2023
We are pleased to announce that we have updated the versioning system of Essential Studio to a semantic format that provides greater clarity and consistency in versioning, making it easier for users to understand the significance of each Syncfusion release.

The new format consists of three components: Major, Minor, and Patch.

Format: Major.Minor.Patch
Example: 21.1.35

We believe that this change will enable our users to track and manage updates to our components effectively. We are excited to see how it enhances their experience.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB40960 - Fixed an issue where the data label template was not updating properly when changing the visible range dynamically.
  • #FB41822 - Fixed an issue of the candle series width decreasing when adding the non-rectangular series.

PDF Viewer

Bug fixes

  • #F179976, #I446527 - Now, the SfPdfViewer does not cause text fields to lose focus when scrolling is active on an Android tablet or the iPad.
  • #FB41937 - Now, the keyboard shortcut navigation on the web platform works properly.
  • #I435278 - The password dialog is now displayed properly in the SfPdfViewer when localized.


  • #I419494 - Support for scrolling via remote button clicks on Android TV has been provided.
  • #I341901 - Support to set and adjust the maximum zoom level has been provided.

Signature Pad

Bug fixes

  • #FB42032: The vertical signing works properly when the signature pad is wrapped inside a scrollable widget.



  • Provided support to save the Excel workbook asynchronously.