Essential Studio for Flutter Release Notes

May 13, 2020

Calendar Preview

Bug fixes

  • #275571- Now, the visible dates do not show the repeated dates when the local time zone has daylight saving.



  • #273276 - Provided an option to show an indication when both high and low values are same in financial chart types.

Breaking changes

  • Considering the readability, the axis labels rotation of rotate45 and rotate90 values in labelIntersectAction property is changed from 45, 90 degree to -45, and -90 degrees respectively.

Bug fixes

  • User interactions on the tooltip template will be working properly.
  • #153039 - Now, public methods of trackball and crosshair will be working properly.
  • #272714 - Now, markers for HiLo series is rendering properly.
  • Tooltip is displayed properly without any exception and flickering on the web.
  • #273946 - Technical indicators are updating properly now on dynamic changes.
  • #274849 - Now, the rotated data labels are aligned properly in Bar series.
  • #275934 - Synchronized panning in multiple charts will be working properly.
  • #275186 - Now, the ranges for the axis will be calculated based on the visible points and ranges.
  • #275924 - Individual data label background color can be customized with the event.

PDF Preview

Bug fixes

  • Text will be preserved properly while using the TrueType font.