Overview in ASP.NET MVC Captcha

30 Mar 20231 minute to read

Captcha is a popular technique that is used to prevent computer programs from sending automated requests and is used for meta-searching search engines, performing dictionary attacks in login pages, or sending spam using mail servers. Captcha is validated at the time of form submission.

Key Features

  • Auto validation - It compares the input field with captcha image and thrown validation message. Also it prevents submission of forms when validation gets fail.
  • Case sensitive text - It checks for case sensitive (Upper case and lower case) at the time of validation.
  • Maximum length - It limits the captcha characters when exceeds the maximum limit.
  • Minimum length - Sets minimum number of captcha characters to display.
  • Customizable character set - You can customize the captcha characters.
  • Image Refresh - When captcha is not readable you can use refresh to get new captcha.
  • Audio Captcha - Captcha in the form of audio
  • RTL - It provides audio and refresh button in left side of captcha