Label format

25 Mar 20211 minute to read

You can customize the format of labels displayed in the pivot gauge control by using the LabelFormatSettings property.

Following are the formats that can be applied to labels in the pivot gauge:

  • NumberFormat - Allows you to change the number format of label values in the pivot gauge.
  • DecimalPlaces - Allows you to set the number of digits to be displayed after a decimal point.
  • PrefixText - Allows you to add a text at the beginning of the label.
  • SuffixText - Allows you to add a text at the end of the label.

The number format for label values can be set to any of the following types:

  • Default
  • Currency
  • Percentage
  • Fraction
  • Scientific
  • Text
  • Notation
  • HTML
  • <ej:PivotGauge ID="PivotGauge1" runat="server" RowsCount="2">
       <LabelFormatSettings NumberFormat="Percentage" DecimalPlaces="2" PrefixText="#*" SuffixText="*#" />

    ASPNET PivotGauge Label-Format Image