Getting started

The UI Kit screens can be added in your application by the following two ways:

  1. Using Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms Visual Studio extension.

  2. Copying the files from our open source GitHub repository.

Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms Extension

This is the easiest way to add the pre-defined screens to your application. The following steps explain how to add screens to an application with our extension:

  1. Open Visual Studio.

  2. Go to Extension, and then click Manage Extensions as shown in the following screenshot.

    Visual Studio Extensions

  3. Search for Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms, and then install it.

    Visual Studio Extensions and Updates

  4. Restart the Visual Studio and allow it to complete the installation.

  5. Now, open an existing Xamarin.Forms application or create a new application as per your requirements.

  6. Right-click the Xamarin.Forms [NETStandard] project, and you can see the Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms option.

  7. Select the category and pages you need to add in your application. In the following screenshot, the Login Page with Gradient screen has been selected from the Login category.

    Visual Studio UIkit Category

  8. Clicking the ‘Add’ button will include the selected page to your project. The necessary class files, resources, and NuGet package references will automatically be added to your project as shown in the following screenshot.

    Visual Studio Ui Kit nuget and files

How to render the added page

In a Xamarin.Forms demo application, you must make the added page as the start-up page in the App.xaml.cs file.
Example: If you added the Login Page, then you must invoke the page as demonstrated in the following code.

  • c#
  • MainPage = new SampleFormsApplication.Views.Login.LoginPage();

    In real-world applications, you may need to do the following to use these XAML pages:

    1. Update the services for fetching the data from remote server or local database.
    2. Wire up the navigation and update the business logics in view models.

    Requesting Screens and Reporting Bugs

    If you would like to request a new screen or report a bug in existing screens, create a feature request or submit a bug through our feedback portal


    Now, Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms Visual Studio extension is supported in the Windows operating system only.