Formatting in Xamarin DatePicker (SfDatePicker)

4 Aug 20222 minutes to read

Format is a way to represent the value of the date in a different string format.

By default, the DatePicker’s format is “DateFormat.M_d_yyyy”.

The different types of formats are:

M_d_yyyy - Represents the month day year in m/d/yyyy format.

MM_dd_yyyy - Represents the month day year in mm/dd/yyyy format.

yyyy_MM_dd - Represents the year month day in yyyy/mm/dd format.

dd_MMM_yyyy - Represents the day month year in dd/mmm/yyyy format.

dd_MM_yyyy - Represents the day month year in dd/MM/yyyy format.

dd_MM - Represents the day month in dd/MM format.

MM_yyyy - Represents the month year in MM/yyyy format.

MMM_yyyy - Represents the month year in MMM/yyyy format

The following example demonstrates the DatePicker with the custom format DateFormat.yyyy-MM-dd.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<ContentPage xmlns=""
        <syncfusion:SfDatePicker x:Name="datepicker"
using Syncfusion.XForms.Pickers;
using Xamarin.Forms;

namespace DatePickerSample
    public partial class MainPage : ContentPage
        public MainPage()
            SfDatePicker datePicker = new SfDatePicker()
                Format = DateFormat.yyyy_MM_dd

            this.Content = datePicker;

Format of SfDatePicker