Header in WPF Busy Indicator (SfBusyIndicator)

8 Jul 2020 / 1 minute to read

The Header is displayed below the animation. The Header property can be used to get or set the content which indicates the information related to loading.

<!--To set the header for SfBusyIndicator-->

<Grid  Background="CornflowerBlue">
<Notification:SfBusyIndicator Header="Loading..." Foreground="White" />
// To set the Header for SfBusyIndicator
SfBusyIndicator SfBusyIndicator = new SfBusyIndicator();
SfBusyIndicator.Header = "Loading..";
'To set the Header for SfBusyIndicator
Dim SfBusyIndicator As New SfBusyIndicator()
SfBusyIndicator.Header = "Loading.."


Busy Indicator with header

Header Template

Header template can be used to get or set the template that defines how the header section of the SfBusyIndicator control is displayed.

<!--To set the HeaderTemplate for SfBusyIndicator-->

<Notification:SfBusyIndicator Grid.Row="0" Foreground="White" Background="CornflowerBlue" >
<DataTemplate >
<TextBlock Text="Loading..." TextAlignment="Center" FontSize="15" Width="100" Foreground="Yellow" />


Busy Indicator with header template


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