Header in WPF Busy Indicator (SfBusyIndicator)

4 May 20211 minute to read

The Header is displayed below the animation. The Header property can be used to get or set the content which indicates the information related to loading.

<!--To set the header for SfBusyIndicator-->

<Grid  Background="CornflowerBlue">
<Notification:SfBusyIndicator Header="Loading..." Foreground="White" />
// To set the Header for SfBusyIndicator
SfBusyIndicator SfBusyIndicator = new SfBusyIndicator();
SfBusyIndicator.Header = "Loading..";
'To set the Header for SfBusyIndicator
Dim SfBusyIndicator As New SfBusyIndicator()
SfBusyIndicator.Header = "Loading.."


Busy Indicator with header

Header Template

Header template can be used to get or set the template that defines how the header section of the SfBusyIndicator control is displayed.

<!--To set the HeaderTemplate for SfBusyIndicator-->

<Notification:SfBusyIndicator Grid.Row="0" Foreground="White" Background="CornflowerBlue" >
<DataTemplate >
<TextBlock Text="Loading..." TextAlignment="Center" FontSize="15" Width="100" Foreground="Yellow" />


Busy Indicator with header template


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