Getting Started with UWP Rating (SfRating)

25 May 20211 minute to read

This section explains how to create a group of visual symbols used for rating with SfRating control.

Adding SfRating control

Create a Universal Windows Platform project in Visual Studio and refer to the following assemblies.

  • Syncfusion.SfInput.UWP
  • Syncfusion.SfShared.UWP

1.Include the namespace for Syncfusion.SfInput.UWP assembly in MainPage.xaml

<Page xmlns=""

2.Now add the SfRating control with a required optimal name using the included namespace

<input:SfRating x:Name="rating">
SfRating rating = new SfRating();
Dim rating As New SfRating()


This will yield a blank output screen unless ItemsCount is set

Set the number of items

Set the ItemsCount property to specify the number of rating items in control.

<input:SfRating ItemsCount="5" x:Name="rating">


<Style TargetType="input:SfRatingItem">

<Setter Property="Padding" Value="1"/>

<Setter Property="RatedFill" Value="#FF1196CD"/>

<Setter Property="PointerOverFill" Value="#FF86BA35"/>

<Setter Property="Width" Value="35"/>




Rating Step by Step control view