.NET MAUI Chart Overview

7 Dec 20221 minute to read

Syncfusion .NET MAUI Chart (SfPyramidChart) is used to create the beautiful pyramid segments to visualize the proportions of a total in hierarchies, which are used in high-quality .NET MAUI applications. As a single series chart without an axis. Data is shown as percentages of a total (The sum of the parts makes up the whole).

Key features

  • User interaction - The pyramid chart selection and tooltips user interaction feature significantly improves the end-user experience.

  • The end-user experience is greatly enhanced by including the user interaction features such as selection and tooltip.

  • Legends provide more information about the segments. If an item exceeds the available bounds, the legends can be scrolled.

  • Provides various options for customizing and visualizing the chart features, title, data labels, legends, segment spacing, etc.