Migrating from Xamarin SfBusyIndicator to .NET MAUI SfBusyIndicator

8 Jul 20221 minute to read

To migrate easier from Xamarin SfBusyIndicator to .NET MAUI SfBusyIndicator, we kept most of the APIs from Xamarin SfBusyIndicator in MAUI SfBusyIndicator. However, to maintain the consistency of API naming in MAUI SfBusyIndicator, we renamed some of the APIs. The APIs that have been changed in MAUI SfBusyIndicator from Xamarin SfBusyIndicator are detailed as follows.


Xamarin SfBusyIndicator .NET MAUI SfBusyIndicator
Syncfusion.SfBusyIndicator.XForms Syncfusion.Maui.Core


Xamarin SfBusyIndicator .NET MAUI SfBusyIndicator Description
IsBusy IsRunning Gets or sets a value of the IsRunning property in busy indicator. It determines whether the animation of indicator to be shown or not.
Duration DurationFactor Gets or sets the value of the duration property. It is used to change the speed of animation to finish a cycle.
ViewBoxWidth ViewBoxHeight SizeFactor Gets or set the size factor of the indicator. This is not applicable for all animation types.
TextSize FontSize Gets or sets the font size of the title text.