Asynchronous Upload

23 Nov 20171 minute to read

This feature allows you to upload and remove files asynchronously.When multiple files are chosen in Asynchronous upload,files will be uploaded one by one to the server.User interaction with the page will not be interrupted at the time of upload.User can also remove the file even after uploading.This is the best way of file upload when compared to synchronous so by default UploadBox works with asynchronous upload option only. To achieve this, set the asyncUpload property to ‘true’. The default value of asyncUpload property is ‘true’. The data type is Boolean.

The following steps guide you in uploading the file asynchronously.

In the HTML page, add the <div> element to configure the Uploadbox element.

  • HTML
  • <div id="Uploadbox"></div>
  • JS
  • // Initialize the control in JavaScript.
        $(function () {
                saveUrl: "saveFiles.ashx",
                removeUrl: "removeFiles.ashx",
                asyncUpload: true

    For JS, configure saveFiles.ashx and removeFiles.ashx files as mentioned in the Save file action and Remove file action respectively.