RTL Support

23 Nov 20171 minute to read

This feature supports the change of left-to-right alignment of the Uploadbox widget to right-to-left (RTL). That is, it sets the Uploadbox to right-to-left actions.

The following steps explain the configuration of enableRTL property in Uploadbox.

In the HTML page, add the <div> element to configure the Uploadbox element.

  • HTML
  • <div class="control">
        <div id="Uploadbox"></div>
  • JS
  • $(function () {
                saveUrl: "saveFiles.ashx",
                removeUrl: "removeFiles.ashx",
                enableRTL: true

    For JS, configure saveFiles.ashx and removeFiles.ashx files as mentioned in the Save file action and Remove file action respectively.

    The following screenshot displays the output.