JavaScript DigitalGauge Overview

19 Jun 20201 minute to read

Digital Gauge for Essential Studio encompasses the visualization of the segmented display of both the 7-segment numeric values and the 14-segment alphanumeric characters. It can display the following five kinds of character types:

  • Seven Segment

Seven Segment using DigitalGauge in JavaScript

  • Fourteen Segment

Fourteen Segment using DigitalGauge in JavaScript

  • Sixteen Segment

Sixteen Segment using DigitalGauge in JavaScript

  • EightCrossEightDotMatrix

EightCrossEightDotMatrix using DigitalGauge in JavaScript

  • EightCrossEightSquareMatrix

EightCrossEightSquareMatrix using DigitalGauge in JavaScript

There are several other properties available in Digital Gauge which enable you to perform various customizations such as changing the space between the characters, segment width, segment length, spacing between the segments, and other customizations.

 Key Features

  • Character Types – Provide support for five different character types.

  • Background Image - Provide support to add images as the background for the Digital Gauge.

  • Custom Font - Provide support to enable the custom font for text within the Digital Gauge.