Time Interval

18 Apr 20171 minute to read

You can set time interval between two adjacent time values in the time popup manually using the interval property. By default the value of the interval property is 30 minutes. Setting this value as 60 is considered as 1 hour. Sometimes you need to update for every hour work log reports. In that case to select time from time popup window with 1 hour interval to update the every 1 hour report you can use interval option by setting time interval value as “60 minutes”.

Add the following code in your HTML page.

  • HTML
  • <div class="control">
       <input type="text" id="dateTime" />
  • // Add the code in your script section to render DateTimePicker with 1 hour interval between two adjacent times in time picker popup
           interval: 60,
           width: '200px',