12 Apr 20161 minute to read

The ReportViewer is a visualization control to view Microsoft SSRS RDL/RDLC files on a web page and it is powered by HTML5/JavaScript. It has support to bind DataSources/Parameters to the Reports and also supports exporting, paging, zooming and printing the report.

Key Features

The ReportViewer supports the following features.

  • DataSources (SQL Server, Oracle, MS Azure, XML, Business Object and SQL Server Compact Data Sources)
  • Filters and Parameters
  • Built-in Fields and Expressions
  • Grouping and Sorting
  • Report Items
  • Table
  • Matrix
  • List
  • Chart
  • Sparkline
  • DataBar
  • Map
  • Gauge
  • Indicator
  • Image
  • Textbox
  • Line
  • Rectangle
  • Subreport
  • Actions: Drilldown, Drill through, Toggle and Document Map
  • Printing, Exporting, Paging, FitToPage and Zooming
  • Report Processing Events
  • KnockOut/AngularJS Support
  • Toolbar Customization