Sub total hiding

11 Feb 20191 minute to read


This feature is applicable only for the relational data source.

You can hide the Sub Total for respective fields in rows and columns by setting the show-sub-total property to false.

Client Mode

  • <ej-pivot-grid id="PivotGrid1" load="onload">
                <e-row-field field-name="Date" field-caption="Date" show-sub-total="false"></e-row-field>
                <e-row-field field-name="Product" field-caption="Product"></e-row-field>
                <e-column-field field-name="Country" field-caption="Country"></e-column-field>
                <e-value-field field-name="Amount" field-caption="Amount"></e-value-field>
                <e-value-field field-name="Quantity" field-caption="Quantity"></e-value-field>

    SubTotal hiding support in ASP NET Core pivot grid control