14 Oct 20161 minute to read

The DropDownList control displays a single column list of items which enables you to select single or multiple items from the list. By default, there will be no selection made in the control and the user have to navigate through the items using mouse or keyboard actions to select an item.

##Key Features

  • DataSources - Binds the DropDownList control with a list, database table or remote data service. Supports various client-side and remote data sources such as JSON, RESTful services, OData services, WCF services and much more. 
  • Sorting - Sorts in both ascending and descending orders. 
  • Grouping - Categorizes the list Items. 
  • Searching - Provides both incremental and Filter Search. 
  • Virtual scrolling - Fetches the data from remote on demand. 
  • PopupList Resize - Resizes the popup list in the needed dimensions dynamically. 
  • Template - Designs own layout of list items. 
  • Cascading - Cascades the data sources with multiple DropDownList. 
  • State persistence - Persistent state of properties on page refresh. 
  • Responsive - Suits responsive layouts. 
  • Validation - Built-in jQuery validation. 
  • Localization - Supports localization to different cultures.
  • Selection - Supports single or multi selection with the DropDownList and display the text in two modes, delimiter and visual mode.
  • Accessibility - Supports keyboard and ARIA accessibility.