Gauge Position

21 Apr 20171 minute to read

Semi-circular Gauge can be positioned within the canvas element which provides better appearance for the gauge in the canvas.


  • Semi-circular Gauge can be positioned with the help of the attribute called gauge-position. It is an enumerable value. You can position the gauge away from the corner with the help of the distanceFromCorner attribute.
  • The possible enum values for the gaugePosition are as follows:
    1. TopLeft
    2. TopCenter
    3. TopRight
    4. MiddleLeft
    5. Center
    6. MiddleRight
    7. BottomLeft
    8. BottomCenter
    9. BottomRight
  • <ej-circular-gauge id="circulargauge" background-color="transparent" width="500" 
    height="500" radius="100" value="60" gauge-position="@GaugePosition.TopLeft" distance-from-corner="25">
    <e-frame frame-type="@Frame.HalfCircle" 
    half-circle-frame-start-angle="270" half-circle-frame-end-angle="90"></e-frame>
    <e-circular-scales  radius="100" maximum="120" major-interval-value="20"
    minor-interval-value="10" show-scale-bar="true" size="1" start-angle="270" sweep-angle="180">
    <e-border width="0.5"></e-border>

    Execute the above code to render the following output.

    Semi-circular Gauge with default top left position