Xamarin.Forms System Requirements

3 Apr 2020 / 7 minutes to read

Hardware Environment

  • Processor: x86 or x64
  • RAM : 512 MB (minimum), 1 GB (recommended)
  • Hard disk: up to 1.5 GB of available space may be required. However, 250 MB free space is required in boot drive even if you are installing in other drive.

Development Environment

Please find the recommended development environment for Xamarin platform in the following link.


Supported Platforms

The following table lists the platforms supported by our Xamarin.Forms controls.


Device Types


Supported versions


Phone, Tablet

SfPdfViewer, SfCheckBox and Material theme support

API level 21 and later versions

All other controls

API level 19 and later versions


iPhone, iPod, iPad

All controls

iOS 9.0 and later versions


Desktop, Tablet

All controls

Windows 10 devices


iMac, Mac book, Mac mini

SfChart, SfDataGrid and SfListView

macOS 10.11 and later versions



SfChart, SfDataGrid, SfListView, SfSchedule, SfBorder, SfButton, SfChip, SfSwitch, SfRadioButton, SfCheckBox, SfGradientView, SfSegmentedControl, SfTextInputLayout

Windows 10

Target Framework (Compile SDK Version) for Android

For Android platform, the target framework or compile SDK version of the application should be equal or greater than the latest API available at the time of our release. Please find more details about setting the target framework in the following link.