Overview of NumericUpDown

29 Jun 20201 minute to read

NumericUpDown is an editor control which provides up and down repeat buttons to increment and decrement the values. The control respects the UI culture and can be configured to display different formats like currency format, scientific format, etc.

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Key Features

  • Number Formatting - Number can be formatted by setting the Format String for the control.
  • CultureInfo - Number format can be localized to any specific culture.
  • AllowNull - The control allows the user to set null value.
  • ParsingMode - Value gets parsed based on this property.
  • Range - User can restrict the Values between a specific range by setting Maximum and Minimum value.
  • AutoReverse - When the Value reaches either Maximum or Minimum value, it automatically reverses the value from the Maximum or Minimum value.
  • Spin Buttons Alignment - The alignment of Up and Down repeat buttons can be customized.