Getting Started with NumericUpDown

29 Jun 20201 minute to read

This section provides overview for working with Essential NumericUpDown for Xamarin.iOS. You can walk through the entire process of creating a SfNumericUpDown.

Referencing Essential Studio Components in Your Solution

After installing Essential Studio for Xamarin, you can find all the required assemblies in the installation folders, typically:

{Syncfusion Installed location}\Essential Studio{version number}\lib


Assemblies are available in unzipped package location in Mac

and below assembly reference to the iOS unified project.


Add SfNumericUpDown

The SfNumericUpDown control configured entirely in C# code. The following steps explain on how to create a SfNumericUpDown and configure its elements,

  • Adding namespace for the added assemblies.
  • C#
  • using Syncfusion.SfNumericUpDown.iOS;
    • Now add the SfNumericUpDown control with a required optimal name by using the included namespace.
  • C#
  • [C#]
    SfNumericUpDown numeric = new SfNumericUpDown()
    	Frame = new CGRect(10, 50, 350, 40),

    Set Value

    The SfNumericUpDown control display value can be set using Value property.

  • C#
  • [C#]
    numeric.Value = 100;

    Display the NumericUpDown with value

    You can find the complete getting started sample from this link.