Animation in UWP Busy Indicator (SfBusyIndicator)

10 May 20212 minutes to read

SfBusyIndicator animation can be frozen and also change the animation type.

Freezing Animation

SfBusyIndicator can be enabled/disabled using the IsEnabled property. By default, IsEnabled is true.

  • IsEnabled=False – freezes the indicator
  • IsEnabled=True – activates the indicator

Here is an example showing disabled SfBusyIndicator.

<Grid Background=”CornFlowerBlue”/>

<notification:SfBusyIndicator IsEnabled=”false”/>

SfBusyIndicator busyIndicator = new SfBusyIndicator();

busyIndicator.IsEnabled = false;
Dim busyIndicator As New SfBusyIndicator()

busyIndicator.IsEnabled = False

Steps for Enable the Animation

Change Animation

There are nearly 30 built-in animations defined for SfBusyIndicator. Different animations can be set using the property AnimationType which accepts value of type AnimationTypes(enum). Only one animation is possible to set at a time for a control. The default animation is Flower.

Here is an example showing different animation types in SfBusyIndicator.

<Grid Background=”CornFlowerBlue”/>

<notification:SfBusyIndicator AnimationType=”Ball”/>

SfBusyIndicator busyIndicator = new SfBusyIndicator();

busyIndicator.AnimationType = AnimationTypes.Ball;
Dim busyIndicator As New SfBusyIndicator()

busyIndicator.AnimationType = AnimationTypes.Ball

Animation Arrow Animation Ball Animation Battery

Animation Delete Animation Double Circle Animation Drop

Animation ECG Animation Flight Animation Flower

Animation Gear Animation Globe Animation GPS

Animation Horizontal Animation Liquid Animation Pen

Animation Print Animation Rainy Animation Rect

Animation Rot Animation Slice Circle Animation Single Circle

Animation Slice Animation Snow Animation Sunny

Animation Sunrise Animation Temp Animation Thunder

Animation Umberlla Animation Winmil Animation Box

Animation Bulb Animation BarChart Animation DoubleRing

Animation DualRing Animation Ripple Animation Message

Animation Cupertino Animation DotCircle

Accelerating Animation Speed

Animation speed property is used to change the speed of animation. Minimum animation speed is 10 and maximum animation speed is 500. The default speed is 115.

<notification:SfBusyIndicator AnimationSpeed="200" />
busyIndicator.AnimationSpeed = 120.0;
busyIndicator.AnimationSpeed = 120.0