.NET MAUI PDF Viewer (SfPdfViewer) Overview

2 Jan 20231 minute to read

The .NET MAUI PDF Viewer control lets you view the PDF documents seamlessly and efficiently. It has highly interactive and customizable features such as magnification and page navigation.

Key Features

  • Virtual scrolling - Easily scroll through the pages in the document with a fluent experience. The pages are rendered only when required to increase the loading and scrolling performance.
  • Magnification - The content of a PDF document can be efficiently zoomed in and out by pinching or changing the zoom factor programmatically.
  • Page navigation - Navigate to the desired pages instantly using the page navigation option programmatically or by dragging the scroll head in the UI.
  • Open password-protected PDFs - Load and view password-protected PDFs in a hassle-free way. You can design a custom password request view and integrate the functionality easily with the options available.