Xamarin Extension Overview

11 Feb 20221 minute to read

The Syncfusion Xamarin Visual Studio Extensions can be accessed through the Syncfusion Menu to create and configure the project with Syncfusion references in Visual Studio.


The Syncfusion Xamarin menu option is available from v17.1.0.32.

The Syncfusion provides the following extension supports in Visual Studio:

  1. Syncfusion Xamarin Project Template: Create the Syncfusion Xamarin application by adding the required Syncfusion NuGet based on the control chosen.
  2. Essential UI Kit: Add the predefined Syncfusion XAML templates in Xamarin.Form and install the required Syncfusion NuGet packages.


    Xamarin Item Template is available only in marketplace.

  3. Toolbox: Add the Syncfusion Xamarin components in Xamarin.Forms designer.

No project selected in Visual Studio

Syncfusion Menu when No project selected in Visual Studio

Selected Microsoft/Syncfusion Xamarin (Xamarin.Forms) application in Visual Studio

Syncfusion Menu when Selected Microsoft/Syncfusion Xamarin in Visual Studio


From Visual Studio 2019, Syncfusion menu available under Extension in Visual Studio menu.