Upgrade project

Syncfusion Project Migration is a Visual Studio Code add-in that allows you to migrate the existing Syncfusion Blazor Web Application from one Essential Studio version to another version.

The Syncfusion Blazor Web Application Project Migration utility is available from v17.4.0.39.

The following steps help you to migrate your existing Syncfusion Blazor Web Application.

  1. Open an existing Syncfusion Blazor Web Application or create a new Syncfusion Blazor Web Application in Visual Studio Code.

  2. Right-click the Project file from Explorer (Workspace), select the Migrate Syncfusion Blazor Application to another version… Refer to the following screenshot for more information.

    Migration add-in

    The Migration option will enable if Syncfusion reference is added in your application.

  3. Select Blazor Version (which published in nuget.org) from the palette appears.

    Select Blazor Version

  4. The Syncfusion NuGet packages references, Scripts, and CSS are updated to the selected version in the project.



  5. If you installed the trial setup or NuGet packages from nuget.org you have to register the Syncfusion license key to your project since Syncfusion introduced the licensing system from 2018 Volume 2 (v16.2.0.41) Essential Studio release. Navigate to the help topic to generate and register the Syncfusion license key to your project. Refer to this blog post for understanding the licensing changes introduced in Essential Studio.