Command Line installation

11 Oct 20181 minute to read

The following steps help you install the Syncfusion Web Sample Creator setup through Command Line in Silent mode.

  1. Double-click the Syncfusion Web Sample Creator Setup file. The Self-Extractor Wizard opens and extracts the package automatically.
  2. The syncfusionwebsamplecreator.exe file is extracted into the Temp folder.
  3. Run %temp%. The Temp folder opens. The syncfusionwebsamplecreator.exe file is available in one of the folders.
  4. Copy the syncfusionwebsamplecreator.exe file to the local drive. Example: D:\temp
  5. Cancel the wizard.
  6. Open Command Prompt in the Administrator mode and pass the following arguments:

    “Setup file path\syncfusionwebsamplecreator.exe” /log “{Log file path}” Install /InstallPath:{Location to install}

    Example: “D:\Temp\syncfusionwebsamplecreator.exe” /log “C:\Temp\EssentialStudio.log” Install /InstallPath:C:\Syncfusion\x.x.x.x

    Refer to the following screenshot for more information.

    Command line arguments to install Syncfusion web sample creator from command prompt


The syncfusionessentialextension.exe setup has renamed to syncfusionwebsamplecreator.exe from 2015 Volume 4 release.