Toolbar Customization

9 Jan 20191 minute to read

The ReportViewer has an option to show or hide items in the toolbar. To customize the toolbar items, use the ReportViewer’s toolbarSettings property.

The following code example illustrates how to hide the parameter block in ReportViewer for ASP.NET Core platform.

  • <ej-report-viewer id="reportviewer1" report-service-url="../Home" processing-mode="Remote" toolbar-settings="ViewBag.toolbarSettings">    
  • C#
  • public ActionResult Index()
                ViewBag.toolbarSettings = new Syncfusion.JavaScript.Models.ReportViewer.ToolbarSettings();
                ViewBag.toolbarSettings.Items = Syncfusion.JavaScript.ReportViewerEnums.ToolbarItems.All
                                                   & ~Syncfusion.JavaScript.ReportViewerEnums.ToolbarItems.Parameters;
                return View();