Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms Release Notes

October 27, 2020


Bug fixes

  • #295498, #294661, #295058 - [UWP] Now, the touch action will be responding properly for SfButton in latest Xamarin.Forms v4.7 and above.


Bug fixes

  • #298690 – NRE issue has been fixed when using inside SfTabView [iOS].


Bug fixes

  • #292745 - Now the text is not clipped after typing multiple lines and reaching the maximum height of the editor even when the attachment icon visibility is true.
  • #289806 - Now the load more button will not be visible when the application loads initially when SfChat.CanAutoScrollToBottom is true.


Bug fixes

  • #296985 - [UWP] The Suggestion box is updated properly when clicking another control without selecting the value.

  • #F158636 - Now, the Embedded font is working fine for the DropDownButtonSettings.

  • #158582 - [iOS] Index out of exception issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I297557 - [UWP] Now, the first dataform item will not get focused when tapping the empty space.

  • #Feedback(7627) - Now, the clear button will be visible when enabling the ShowClearButton in the AutocompleteEditor.


Bug fixes

  • #298589 - Now, exception will not be thrown when committing the cell value of a GridTemplateColumn when a Dictionary typed collection is set as SfDataGrid.ItemsSource.
  • #298341 - Now, the color of the text “No Results Found” when opening the GridComboBoxColumn’s drop down, is in line with the current applied theme.


Bug fixes

  • #158322 - [iOS] Toolbar appears properly when adding the image from resources folder of the iOS project with master detail page.


Bug fixes

  • #296227 - [Android, iOS] Sublayer marker is positioned properly when removing and adding markers dynamically after panning.


Bug fixes

  • #297865 - [Android] Now, the ContentView is updated properly while changing dynamically.


Bug fixes

  • #299092 - [Android] Now, the SfPicker item is displayed at the center in Dialog mode.

  • #295024 -The DataTemplateSelector is working fine when changing dynamically.

  • #F156724 - [Android] Now, the SfPicker is working properly when changing the orientation and navigating back from the other page in Dialog mode.


Bug fixes

  • #274796 - [Android] Now, the knob is updated properly based on the given size.


Bug fixes

  • #293836 , #291614 -[Android] Now, the items are properly updated when collection has been changed dynamically.

  • #291609 - [Android] Now, the IsVisible property is working properly for the parent layout when SfRotator is used as a child element.

  • #294758 - [iOS] Gesture event is working properly for the controls, which used inside the SfRotator.

  • #295502 - [UWP] Now, the Refresh method is working fine.

  • #292020 - [UWP] Now, the memory leak issue has been fixed.

  • #288394 - [Android] Now, the SfRotator height is properly updated based on the height of the parent layout.


Bug fixes

  • #I273712 - [UWP] When using the appointment template, the binding error will no longer occur in the output window.

  • #I295136 - [iOS] Now, the schedule crash will no longer occur while binding the All-Day appointment without mapping the EndTime.


Bug fixes

  • #295124 - [Android] Now, the accent color is working properly for HeaderBackground.