23 Sep 20201 minute to read

The default elements of a card can be customized using the following properties of KanbanModel:

  • Title: Sets the title of a card.
  • ImageURL: Sets the image URL of a card. The image will be displayed at the right in the default card template.
  • Category: Sets the category of a card. Based on the category, the cards will be added to the respective columns.
  • Description: Sets the description text of a card.
  • ColorKey: Specifies the indicator color key. The color value of the corresponding Key should be added in IndicatorColorPalette collection of SfKanban.
  • Tags: Specifies the tags of a card. The tags will be displayed at the bottom in the default card template.
  • ID: Sets the ID of a card.
  • C#
  • new KanbanModel()
        ID = 1,
        Title = "iOS - 1002",
        ImageURL = "Image1.png",
        Category = "Open",
        Description = "Analyze customer requirements",
        ColorKey = "Red",
        Tags = new string[] { "Incident", "Customer" }

    The following code sample is used to define the colors for each key.

  • C#
  • List<KanbanColorMapping> colorModels = new List<KanbanColorMapping>();
    colorModels.Add(new KanbanColorMapping("Green", Color.Green));
    colorModels.Add(new KanbanColorMapping("Red", Color.Red));
    colorModels.Add(new KanbanColorMapping("Aqua", Color.Aqua));
    colorModels.Add(new KanbanColorMapping("Blue", Color.Blue));
    kanban.IndicatorColorPalette = colorModels;