State Persistence

15 Sep 20172 minutes to read

DropDownList stores its model is local storage by defining the property enablePersistence.
You can sustain the below given functionalities in DropDownList by enabling persistence property,

  • selected items value in the textbox
  • item’s selection state in the popup list

Widget model will be stored in local storage / cookies of browser before page refreshes and reinitialized with the restored model after refresh.
The following properties are not included while maintaining DropDownList’s state in local storage to keep localStorage compact.

  • Fields
  • Data source
  • Query
  • HTML
  • <form id="form1">
            <input type="text" id="dropdown1" />
            <input type="submit" value="Post" />
  • /// <reference path="tsfiles/jquery.d.ts" />
    /// <reference path="tsfiles/ej.web.all.d.ts" />
    module DropDownListComponent {
    	    var items = [{
    	        text: "Adams",
    	        value: "emp1"
    	    }, {
    	        text: "James",
    	        value: "emp2"
    	    }, {
    	        text: "Maria",
    	        value: "emp3"
    	    }, {
    	        text: "Jessica",
    	        value: "emp4"
    	    }, {
    	        text: "Jenneth",
    	        value: "emp5"
        $(function () {
            var sample = new ej.DropDownList($("#dropdown1"),{
    	        dataSource: items,
    	        fields: {
    	            text: "text",
    	            value: "value"
    	        enablePersistence: true

    Accessing currently stored state

    Persisted state can be accessed through local storage using corresponding key name. Key name formation would be in below order. It is combination of plugin name and control id.

  • // DropDownList state as string
    	var dropdownlistStateString = window.localStorage.ejDropDownListdropdown;
    	//DropDownList state as object
    	var dropdownlistStateObject = JSON.parse(window.localStorage.ejDropDownListdropdown);


    In the above example, ‘ejDropDownList’ is plugin name and ‘dropdown’ is control id.