Release Notes v2.3.0.82

July 10, 2018

Report Server

This section describes the release notes for the Syncfusion Report Server version v2.3.0.82. It includes the newly added features, bug fixes done and how to upgrade the older version to the new version.


  • Provided an option to include/exclude sample reports in the Startup.

Bug Fixes

  • Edit using Web designer option will be shown only for the reports compatible with the web designer.

  • Report rendering issue when the bindings changed in IIS has been fixed.

  • Upload button disabled in upload Report dialog box issue has been fixed.


Follow the steps from here to upgrade the Syncfusion Report Server from an older version to this version.

Report Platform SDK

This section describes the release notes for the Report Platform SDK version v2.3.0.82. It includes the newly added features, bug fixes done.



  • #191997 – Provided hyperlink event to handle the actions when hyperlink is clicked in report viewer.

  • #194924 - Provided the export event support to handle when export option is clicked in report viewer.

  • #F135879 - Provided support to load subreport as stream input in SfReportViewer [UWP].

  • #F135510 - Provided border support for report, body, header and footer in SfReportViewer.

  • #199012 - Provided support to render 3D chart when it is enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • #193151 - Now, chart data labels renders with proper data format in report viewer.

  • #199482 - SSRS shared dataset feature issue fixed for stored procedure.

  • #197755 - Minimum value parsing issue of indicator report item is resolved in German Operating System.

  • #198150 - Improved the performance of parameter UI element while opening and closing the datasource values.

  • #199913 - Now, dependent parameter values are updated properly when parent parameter value is modified.

  • #193150 - Now, hidden parameters working properly in SfReportViewer.

  • #F135748 - Resolved the textbox html break tag append problem when new line used in value expression in SfReportViewer.

  • #194334 - Now, break tag render properly for HTML content in ReportViewer.

  • #206516 - Now, varbinary images from database are displayed properly in SfReportViewer.

  • #207809 - Resolved integer parameter returns “#Error” issue when report item contains datetime format in ReportViewer.

  • #194175 - Resolved drill through action event triggered twice when action specified for both text box report item and run text.

  • #192461 - Resolved the parameter block rendering issue for hidden parameter in parameter layout.

  • #192505 - Now, the default parameter is loaded properly when value type set as null.

  • #196322 - Now, the dependent multi-value parameter are loaded properly in ReportViewer.

  • #199039 - Essential EJ2 style compatibility issue fixed.

  • #201595 - Date format in chart axis values will render properly.

  • #201290 - Now, SSRS Report Server hosted images is render properly in preview.

  • #200716 - Resolved the RDLC sub report loading problem due to null reference exception.

  • #199482 - Now, command type is serialized properly for shared dataset.

  • #198092 - Resolved command line issue in dataset filter expression.

  • #197529 - Resolved the chart series border style serialization problem.

  • #197529 - Label visibility property will serialize properly when specified as expression.

  • #197423 - Now, barcode is exported properly when used as custom report item in ReportViewer.


Bug Fixes

  • #191795 - Now, text duplicate issue has been resolved while splitting the merged cell in Excel export.

  • #175296 - Resolved the subreport content overlaps in HTML, Word and Excel export.

  • #161847 - Now, “No Color” option specified for background color is working properly in Excel, PPT and Word export.

  • #195121 - Resolved the body background image style issue for Export files.

  • #207598 - Now, tablix header is displayed properly in each page of Excel export when “RepeatOnNewPage” is enabled.

  • #208311 - Now, F2 Formatting is applied properly for textbox in Excel export.

Report Designer(Desktop)

This section describes the release notes for the Syncfusion Report Designer version v2.3.0.82. It includes the newly added features, bug fixes done and how to upgrade the older version to the new version.


  • #190100 - Provided open with report designer option for rdl and rsd file from file explorer.

  • #190100 - Provided the support to open rdl and rsd file from file explorer.

  • #203246 - Provided support to insert chart report item inside tablix cell using insert option.

  • #203245 - Provided support to add Lookup, LookupSet and MultiLookup functions in expression editor.

  • #198185 - Provided support to add valid query parameter in the report parameter collection.

Bug Fixes

Refer the following list of bugs fixed in this version:

  • #192622 - Now, multiple selected cells will be updated properly with modified properties in report designer.

  • #187236 - Resolved the tablix cell renaming issue while merging the cell.

  • #197791 - Existing tablix cell names will not be re-updated automatically after inserting or deleting rows and columns.

  • #197791 - Enable or disable toggle item of tablix row visibility will be serialized properly.

  • #197791 - Now, report viewer will render properly with updated value of tablix toggle item visibility.

  • #202603 - Resolved credential datasource switching issue while creating or modifying the dataset.

  • #201003 - Tooltip property of textbox report item will be serialized properly.

  • #201036 - Chart axis minimum value will take effect when value is modified through properties panel.

  • #199003 - Resolved the copy and pasting report item in multiple report design tab.

  • #198590 - Now, report designer utility will open properly with Active Directory user account.

  • #203894 - Now, the report can be saved into new category in server through report designer.

  • #205097 - Resolved dataset query parameter issue in Oracle database.

  • #206477 - Now, modified query text dataset fields is updated properly in data explorer if fields are not refreshed.

  • #206454 - Resolved tablix header cell text and background transparent issue when mouse right click option is enabled.

  • #206776 - Tablix cell properties will be updated properly in property grid when moving from one cell to another.


Refer to the following steps to upgrade the Syncfusion Report Designer from an older version to this version:

  • Download the latest Syncfusion Report Designer from here.
  • Follow the installation steps from here.