Helper Functions

30 Nov 20171 minute to read


This method is used to parse the string to JSON.


This method is used to parse the HTML element into the JSON Array and is used commonly in element binding using DataManager.


This method returns the globally unique identifier and it generates unique identifier with the prefix provided as parameter.


The ej.merge is used to merge two arrays and the result is merged in the first array.

The property contains a collection of properties representing different browser features or bugs. The property are as follows.

  1. cors – represents the cross browser support.

  2. enableLocalizedSort – enables the localized sort operation.

  3. stableSort – enables stable sort operation.

  4. outerHTML – represents the outerHTML support.


This method is used to swap the position of element in an array. It accepts three arguments such as input array and two swap positions.


This property is used to set the time-zone offset from UTC, in hours.