Multiple selection

DropDownList has a check list feature that is used to select multiple list items, by using set enableMultiSelect property as true.

  • html
  • <input type="text" id="dd_grouping" data-role="ejmdropdownlist" data-ej-datasource="window.listData"
                data-ej-watermarktext="Select a Country" data-ej-fields-text="name" data-ej-enablemultiselect="true"/>

    To include datasource, add the following script.

  • js
  • window.listData = [{ name: "Australia"},
                               { name: "Brazil" },
                               { name: "China" },
                               { name: "India"},
                               { name: "Spain" },
                               { name: "United States of America" }

    The following screenshot displays the Local Data Binding: