19 Apr 20171 minute to read

Essential JavaScriptRating control provides an intuitive Rating experience that enables you to select a number of stars that represent a Rating. You can configure the item size, orientation and the number of displayed items in the Rating control. You can also customize the Rating star image by using custom CSS.

Key Features

Some important features of Chart for Essential JavaScript are as follows:

  • Precision support - You can set the three different precisions like full, half, and exact.
  • Orientation support - Rating control can be displayed in horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Read-only mode - Rating control can be rendered in the read-only mode to enable or disable user interaction.
  • Reset - You can reset the Rating value by using the Reset button.
  • Tooltip - You can set a tooltip for displaying the currently selected Rating value.
  • Theme - Rating control consists of 12 built-in themes ( 6 – metro and 6 – gradient effects), and also supports custom skins to set user-defined themes.